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Biocraft‘s Human Anatomy Unbreakable Fibre Glass Models
These models are scientifically designed in natural colour. Made out of these glass unbreakable and light in weight.

Human Models
Human Torso
Human Brain
Human Kidney
Human Brain
Human Kidney
Nurses Training Dolls (Male)
Nurses Training Dolls (Female)
Nurses Training Dolls (Male)
Nurses Training Dolls (Female)

1 Human Sex less torso with head— (Made of unbreakable fibre glass)

This full size sexless human torso is dissectable into fourteen parts. The brain can be lifted to show inner structure and is removeable together with half of the rib cage and costal cartilages. Removeable organs include heart, stomach, liver, large intestine, small intestine, pencreas, bladder and kidney fixed on polished board.

1A Human Torso (Imported with full literature, dissectable 24 parts).
2 Female torso with head—Same as BFM-1 but with female organs fully dissectable.
3 Male torso with head—Same as BFM-1 but with male organs fully dissectable.
4 Torso with head—Sexless (Fibre glass) small size Detail same as above.
5 Human Heart—Fibre Glass unbreakable Model.
5A Human Heart—Four parts —Fibre Glass unbreakable Model.
6 Human Eye—Fibre Glass unbreakable Model. (eye with orbit)
7 Human Ear—Fibre Glass unbreakable Model.
8 Human Skin—Fibre Glass unbreakable Model.
9 Human Lung—Fibre Glass unbreakable Model.
10 Human Kidney—Fibre Glass unbreakable Model.
11 Human Brain—Fibre Glass unbreakable Model.
12 Human Head and Neck—Fibre Glass Unbreakable Model
13 Human Repd. Male—Fibre Glass unbreakable Model.
14 Human Repd. Female—Fibre Glass unbreakable Model.
15 Human brain with skull
16 Human Female Pelvis with baby—Fibre Glass unbreakable Model.
17 Human Lower jaw with teeth— Fibre Glass unbreakable Model.
18 Human Dummy with Doll
19 Human Empryo Development Set of 9 models on stand
20 Human Female Pelvis
21 Human Circulatory system
22 Human Nervous system
23 Human Excretory system
24 Human Digestive system
25 Human Mouth
26 Human Endocrine Glands
27 Human Liver
28 Human Spinalcord
29 Human Skull with Brain
30 Human Tongue
31 Dental set large
32 Teeth uppers lower jaw large
33 Human Respiratory system
34 Human nose
35 Teeth—set of 3 (per set)
36 Human Dental set—Lower upper jaw large (per set)
37 Evolution of man—set 4 (per set)
38 Human Nerve Cell (Neuron)
39 Human Respiratory System
40 Human Liver with Gall Bladder Biocraft’s Chase Doll (Full Size)
44 Manufactured as per Nursing Council’s Specification—Made from fiber glass, water proof, unbreakable, very useful for para medical, Nursing and Medical Colleges to demonstrate the following :

(a) Hair on Head for washing;
(b) Legs and Arms are flexible. Head is moveable in all direction;
(c) Nasal Passage for Oxygenation;
(d) Tracheo-stomy to show mechanical ventialation;
(e) Ear Passage for Ear washing;
(f) Oral Passage for liquid food or stomach washing;
(g) Gastrostomy for administering food & fluids into the stomach;
(h) Tank in stomach to store liquid passed;
(i) Passage for Colostomy, Casecostomy and Surpa Public Cystostomy;
(j) Rectal passage for anema;
(k) Urethral office for Catherisation;
(l) Vaginal passage for Douching;
(m) Buttock & Deltoid Region of one side for injection purpose;
(n) Site for intravenous injection in arm;
(o) Central Venous Catheterisation Locations;
(p) Side tap for draining all liquid from the doll;
(q) An amputation stump allows practicing of stump dressing

1. Adult-5-1/2 feet long-Female/Male
2. Child-(9-14 years Old)
3. Foetal-(9 months Old) Biocraft’s Imported Nurse Training Dolls

45(A) Basic Patient Care—Lifting, Carrying and Moving the Patient, Bed care of the Patient, Moving of the Patient, Bathing the Patient (Genital Care), Care and Cleaning of the Mouth, Care and Cleaning of the Eyes, Care and Cleaning of the Nose.

45(B) Medical Care—Preventive Techniques, Prevention of Bedsores (Decubitus), Prevention of Muscle Cramps, Prevention of Pneumonia, Prevention of Blood Clots (Thromboses), Prevention of Thrush and Parotitis, Physiotherapy, Inhalation Therapy, Oxygen Inhalation, Resuscitation, Mouth to Nose, Mouth to Mouth, Use of a Ventilation Bag, Other Methods, Bandages, Irrigation and Lavages, Irrigation of the Eyes, Gastric (Stomach) Lavage, Intestinal Irrigation, Irrigation of the Bladder, Irrigation of the Vagina, Enemas, Catheterizations, Catheterization of Men, Catheterization of Women, Injections and Infusions, Hypodermic Injection, Intramuscular Injections, Hypodermic Infusions.

Biocraft’s Fibre Glass General Zoology Models

46 Animal cell under Electron microscope
47 Amoeba
48 Paramecium
49 Hydra
50 Frog Digestive System
51 Frog Arterial System
52 Frog Venous System
53 Frog Male Urinogenital Organs
54 Frog Female Urinogenital Organs
55 Frog Brain
56 Frog Respiratory System
57 Life History of Frog
58 Frog Dissection
59 Frog Skin
60 Frog Heart
61 Frog Ear
62 Fish Dissection
63 Fish Dissection small
64 Life History of silk worm
65 Life History of House-fly
66 Life History of Mosquito
67 Life History of Honey-Bee
68 Life History of Butterfly
69 Euglena
70 Life cycle of Tape worm
71 Rabbit-General Dissection
72 Cockroach-Circulatory system
73 Cockroach-Digestive system
74 Cockroach-Reproductive system
75 Earthworm-Circulatory system
76 Earthworm-Reproductive system
77 Earthworm-Nervous system
78 Earthworm-Dissection
79 Earthworm-Digestive system
80 Earthworm-Excretory system
81 Frog Buccal cavity
82 Frog Lungs
83 Frog Kidney
84 Tape worm
85 DNA models set of 4 on board (per set)
86 RNA models set of 3 models (per set)

Craft Micro Models in Acrylic Dust Proof Box Craft Micro Models are in Dust proof Acrylic cover fully labelled. These are newly developed models for visual teaching aids and are colourful, small but having full details and every detail is fully labelled.

1 Typical Animal Cell under electron microscope
2 Golgi body under electron microscope
3 Mitochondria under electron microscope
4 Nucleus
5 Types of Lysosomes set of 2 models
6 Endoplasmic Reticulum
7 Plastids Microscope structure
8 Typical Chromosome
9 Types of Chromosome- set of 3 models
10 Mitosis cell division set of 10 models
11 Meiosis cell division set of 10 models

DNA Models

12 Double helical structure of DNA (Watson-Crick)
13 Biological structure of DNA
14 Replicating of DNA
15 Linking of nucleotides
16 DNA- set of 4 models

RNA Models

17 Helical structure of RNA
18 Mechanism of protein sysnthesis
19 Linking of nucleotides
20 RNA- set of 3 models
21 Showcase showing law of incomplete dominance in andalusion fowl
22 Showcase showing crossing over
23 Showcase showing sex linked inheritance in poultry
24 Showcase showing origin and kinds of human twins
25 Structure of Carbohydrates
26 Chloride shift
27 Kreb’s shift
28 Structure of Lipid
29 Showcase showing dihybrid cross
30 Showcase showing crossing over
31 Showcase monohybrid cross
32 Antigen and antibody reaction
33 Transcription—Obtaining a gene from mRNA General Zoological Models


34 Amoeba
35 Paramoecium
36 Euglena
37 Malaria parasite life cycle
38 Trypanosoma life cycle


39 Sycon L.S.
40 Canal System -set of 4
41 Grantia with bud
42 Types of Sponge Spicules


43 Hydra with bud
44 Hydra L.S. with bud
45 Obelia medusa
46 Obelia colony
47 Dissection of of sea anemone


48 Tapeworm (2 models)
49 Tapeworm scolex
50 Tapeworm L.H.
51 Ascaris male & female
52 Ascaris T.S. Male and Female
3 Liver fluke
54 Liver fluke L.H.


55 Earthworm dissection
56 Earthworm blood circulation
57 Earthworm reproductive system
58 Earthworm copulating
59 Leech set of 2 models
60 Leech T.S.


61 Cockroach dissection
62 Cockroach digestive system
63 Cockroach mouth parts
64 Cockroach Nervous system
65 Cockroach Reproductive system male
66 Cockroach Reproductive system female
67 Cockroach Nervous system
68 Cockroach L.H.
69 Housefly (Adult female)
70 Housefly L.H.
71 Honeybee L.H.
72 Silkworm L. H.
73 Anopheles Mosquito L.H.
74 Anopheles mouth parts male & female
75 Culex Mosquito L.H.
76 Culex mouth parts male & female
77 Butterfly L.H.
78 Prawn dissection
79 Prawn Nervous system
80 Lac insect L.H.


81 Dissection of Starfish
82 Echinoderm larvae -set of 7 models
83 Pila dissection
84 Pila Nervous system
85 Unio dissection


86 Amphioxus structure
87 Amphioxus Development (set of models)
88 Hardmania structure internal


89 Dissection of Dog fish
90 Dissection–Typical bonyfish
91 Brain of Fish
92 Heart of Fish
93 Lung Fishes -set of 3 models (Lepidosiren, Protopterus, Neocertodus) set


94 Dissection of Frog
95 Frog Arterial system
96 Frog Venous system
97 Frog Nervous system
98 Frog Digestive system
99 Development of frog
100 Frog Brain
101 Frog heart
102 Frog’s male Urinogenital system
103 Frog’s female Urinogenital system
104 Frog Skin
105 Frog eye
106 Frog Buccal cavity
107 Frog Respiratory system
108 Frog Spermatogenesis
109 Frog Oogenesis
110 Frog Excretory system


111 Reptile brain
112 Reptile eye
113 Reptile heart
114 Reptile skin
115 Reptile kidney
116 Dissecton of lizard
117 Poisonous & Non poisonous snakes
118 Mouth showing poisonous gland of Cobra


119 Aves brain
120 Aves eye
121 Aves ear
122 Aves heart
123 Dissection of chick
124 Development of bird feather
125 Development of chick
126 Urinogenital system of birds


127 Mammal brain
128 Mammal skin
129 Mammal kidney
130 Mammal heart
131 Mammal eye
132 Mammal ear
133 Dissection of Rabbit


134 Dissection of Rat
135 Rat digestive system
136 Rat Venous system
137 Rat Arterial system
138 Rat Male Urinogenital system
139 Rat Female Urinogenital system

Model of Rare Living Animals

140 Dolphin
141 Emu
142 Gorilla
143 Giraffe
144 Hedge hog
145 Heloderma
146 Hippopotomus
147 Kangaroo with baby
148 Kiwi aptryx
149 Koala
150 Loris
151 Marsupial mole
152 Oppossum
153 Ostrich
154 Pangolin scaly ant eater
155 Penguin
156 Platypus (Duck bill)
157 Red ponda
158 Rhinoceros
159 Seal
160 Spiny ant eater (Echidna)
161 Zebra
162 Whale
163 Wompat
164 Armadillo
165 Crocodile
166 Gavialis

Vertebrate Comparative Study

167 Comparative model set of vertebrates hearts
168 Comparative model set of vertebrates Brains
169 Comparative model set of vertebrates Respiratory system
170 Comparative model set of vertebrates Urinogenital system
171 Comparative model set of vertebrates Germinal layers
172 Comparative model set of Nervous systems
173 Comparative model set of vertebrates Excretory system
174 Comparative model set of vertebrates germinal layers

Evolution (Fibre Glass)

175 Evolution of man-set of 4 models
176 Human Fossils-set of 4 models
177 Animal Evolutionary Tree
178 Your face from fish to man
179 Evolution of EMBRYOS
180 Evolution of HORSE
181 Evolution of ELEPHANT
183 DINOSAURS (any)
184 Homologus organs
185 Analogus organs

Human Anatomy (Micro Models)

186 Sexless torso with head (human body)
187 Human Brain -set of 2 models
188 Human Heart -set of 2 models
189 Human eye with orbit
190 Human eye with muscles
191 Human ear
192 Human skin
193 Human Lungs with heart
194 Human Liver with gall bladder
195 Human Kidney L.S.
196 Human Stomach
197 Human Male Reproductive Organs
198 Human Female Reproductive Organs
199 Human Nose
200 Human tongue
201 Human Digestive system
202 Human Circulatory system
203 Human Teeth with lower jaw
204 Human Larynx
205 Human Excretory system
206 Human Respiratory system
207 Human Endocrine glands
208 Human Vestigial organs

Bacteria & Virus

209 Coccus Bacteria-Enlarged
210 Bacteria—set of 16
211 Bacillus-Bacteria
212 Spirillum Bacteria -Enlarged
213 Structure of typical Bacteria
214 Disease causing Bacteria of Man set of 12 Models
215 Virus—Polyhedral symmetry
216 Virus—Tobacco Mosaic Virus (TMV)
217 Virus—Bacteriophage
218 AIDS Virus (HIV Human)


1. Male Genital Organs (Front View);
2. Male Genital Organs, (Sagittal View);
3. How Semen is formed;
4. First Week of Egg Development and implantation;
5. Fertilization (Cross Section Diagram of an Ovary);
6. Eight Month Old Foetus;
7. Various Stages of Embryonic Development;
8. Female Genital Organs (Sagittal Veiw).


1. Skeleton;
2. Circulatory System;
3. Heart;
4. Nervous System;
5. Section of Brain;
6. Muscles;
7. Digestive System;
8. Respiratory System;
9. The Ear;
10. The Eye;
11. Human KIdneys.

(SET OF 8) SIZE 25 × 35 cm

1. Typical animal cell;
2. Animal Mitosis;
3. Hydra;
4. Paramecium;
5. Ameoba proteus;
6. Hookworm;
7. Tapeworm;
8. Earthworm.


1. Euglena;
2. Animal Kingdom;
3. L. H. of frog (Development);
4. L. H. of frog (Metamorphosis);
5. L. H. of Mosquito;
6. Epithelial & Connective Tissue;
7. Simple & Complex Tissue;
8. Rabbit Dissection & Skeleton.

FROG (SET OF 8) SIZE 25 × 35 cm

1. Frog Anatomy and Skeleton;
2. Frog Digestive system;
3. Frog Circulatorysystem;
4. Frog Respiratory system;
5. Frog Nervous system;
6. Frog Reproductive (Male);
7. Frog Reproductive (Female);
8. Frog Heart

3DZ 7 Excretory System of Rat
3DZ 7 Excretory System of Rat
3DZ 8 Digestive System of Rat
3DZ 9 Circulatory System or Rat
3DZ 10 Rat Reproductive System (Female)
3DZ 11 Rat Anatomy. Dissection Showing Internal
3DZ 12 Organs (Female Rat)
3DZ 13 Rat Brain and Heart
3DZ 14 3D MODEL ZOOLOGY-V (SET OF 8) SIZE 25 × 35cm

1. Life History of Honey bee
2. Life History of Silkworm
3. Life History of House Fly
4. Malaria Parasity (Plasmodium)
5. Cockroach : Circulatory & Nervous System
6. Cockroach : External features
7. Earthworm Circulatory & Excretory System
8. Cockroach : Digestive & Respiratory System

3DZ 15 Life History of Honey Bee
3DZ 16 Life History of Silkworm
3DZ 17 Life History of House fly
3DZ 18 Malarial Parasity (Plasmodium)
3DZ 19 Cockroach : Circulatory & Nervous System
3DZ 20 Cockroach Enternal Features
3DZ 21 Cockroach Circulatory & Excretory System
3DZ 22 Cockroach : Digestive & Respiratory System


Full size replica skeleton are cast from natural Bone skeleton in an unbreakable plastic Bone material. These skeletons are produced to exacting standards in a unique material having the feel, appearance and weight of real Bone.

All Anatomical details are carefully, scientifically, medically and correctly reproduced. These skeletons are particularly suitable for courses in Biology, Human Biology, Health Education, Homeopathy, Pharmacy, Medical College and para-medical courses.

Mdedical quality—Articulated to slow normal posture. Skull—Comes with a 3 part with 32 teeth, a cut calvarium and moveable spring held mandible. The arms and legs are detachable and most natural movement can be demonstrated. The skeleton is mounted upright on metal rod with roller stand.

Better quality, Comes with a 3 piece skull (calvarium cut) and a spring-held jaw complete with bones of the vertebral column. The bones of one hand and one foot are loose. The other hand and foot are articulated with wire. The sternum is cast in one piece and is complete with ribs. With simulated intervertebral discs. All other bones are loose. It is an ideal skeleton for anatomical studies. The skull with three parts & 32 teeth. Two teeth are detachable for demonstrations. Complete skeleton with total bones are packed in a heavy card board box.

3. Imported Craft–104 Human skull (Life size). Dissectible into three parts with Movable jaw and three removable teeth.

4. Imported Craft 109 life size shoulder joint with ligaments on stand. Demonstrated abduction, adduction, anterversion retroversion and Rotation.

5. Imported Craft 110 Life size Hip joint with Ligaments on stand. Demonstrate Anterversion, Retroversion, Abduction and Rotation

6. Imported Craft 111 Life size Knee joint with ligaments on stand. Demonstrate Anterversion, Retroversion, Abduction and Rotation.

7. Imported Craft 112 Life size Elbow joint on stand with ligaments. Demonstrates Flexion, Extension and Rotation

8. Imported Craft is 0322A. Natural Heart (Life size) Demonstrate External and internal anatomy of Heart Dissectable on stand

9. Imported Human Torso (Full size Nearly 3 feet Height) with 24 detachable parts for study. This is a full-size model finished to a very high standard. The posterior part of the model is open revealing details of the vertebral column and nervous system. The following parts can be taken out : two lung halves, heart, stomach, liver, large intestine, small intestine, appendix vermicularis, half kidney.

Back with open part of back from cerebellum to coccyx, with modelled truncus sympathicus, connections of vertebrae and ribs, nerves and part of medulls spinalis, Head detachable, eye and half-brain with arteries complete model is dissectible into twenty-four parts

10. Imported big size Tooth Set with Tongue and Big size Brush-an ideal model for Dental Study

The different parts of the eyeball model are detachable to show the following structures.
(a) Tunica external : Showing cornea and sclera with attachments of ocular muscles and optic nerve.
(b) Tunica media : Showing the iris, the ciliary body and the chorioid.
(c) Tunica internal is retina.
(d) Refraction media : Showing the lens and the vitreous body

12. Craft Model of the Transparent Lung Segment
Made pf transparent plastic—This model presents 10 segments in the right long and 8 in the left. The distributions of the bronchial tree can be observed through the transparent lungs.
(a) Distribution of the bronchial tree : right bronchus, left bronchus.
(b) Hilus of lung.

13. Craft Giant Ear Model
A giant model of the ear, for elementary science classes, show all major structures related to hearing and balance.
(a) External ear.
(b) Middle ear—showing the tympanic membrane the three auditory ossicles and the eustachian tube.
(c) Internal ear—showing the vestibule, cochlea and the three semicircular canals of the osseous labbyrinth.
(d) This model is dissected into 4 parts. 5 times enlarged. Mounted on plastic base. Size 17×10×6".

14. Imported Nurse Training Doll (Female) Craft
Approximate 5 feet long made of rubberised PVC., joints are movable, body is dissectable with wide range of exercises including basic patient care and medical care with original attachee packing and with working manual.

15. Imported Nurse Training Doll (Male) Craft
Approximate 5 feet long made of rubberised P.V.C. joints are movable, body is dissectable with wide range of exercises including basic patient care and medical care with original attachee packing and with working mannual.

16. Imported Foetal Skull. Natural cast of specimen—undissectable

17. Importerd Human Disarticulated Skull with 11-parts showing detail of each bone of skull

18. Imported Human Pinkish Brain—Dissectable into 8 parts giving minute details of human brain

19. Imported Human Anatomical Brain—Horizontal sections— 5 parts (slices) to show the detail anatomy of the brain

Biocraft’s General Zoology Plastic Models

Z 1 Animal cell under ordinary microscope
Z 2 Animal cell under electron microscope
Z 3 Animal mitosis
Z 4 Animal meiosis-Phase I
Z 5 Animal meiosis-Phase II
Z 6 Spertmatogenesis
Z 7 Oogenesis
Z 8 DNA Helix
Z 9 DNA Duplication
Z 10 DNA Template and RNA Molecule
Z 11 RNA Hair Pin
Z 12 DNA t RNA & m RNA Protein synthesis
Z 13 Mammalian blood cells
Z 14 Connective tissue
Z 15 Skeletal tissue
Z 16 Muscular tissue I (Plain, Striated,Cardiac)
Z 17 Muscular tissue II (Voluntary)
Z 18 Nervous tissue
Z 19 Types movement * their control
Z 20 Types of glands
Z 21 Spinal reflex
Z 22 Conduction of Nerve impulse (Motor pathways)
Z 23 Frog- General dissection
Z 24 Frog- Skeletal system
Z 25 Frog- Arterial system
Z 26 Frog- Venous system
Z 27 Frog- Nervous system
Z 28 Frog- Digestive system
Z 29 Frog- Respiratory system
Z 30 Frog- Urinogenital system male
Z 31 Frog- Urinogential system female
Z 32 Frog- Skin
Z 33 Frog- Brain
Z 34 Frog- Heart
Z 35 Frog- Ear
Z 36 Frog- Development in 15 stages
Z 37 Rabbit- General dissection
Z 38 Rabbit- Arterial system
Z 39 Rabbit- Venous system
Z 40 Rabbit- Digestive system
Z 41 Rabbit- Circulatory system
Z 42 Rabbit- urinogenital system male
Z 43 Rabbit- urinogenital system female
Z 44 Earthworm general dissection
Z 45 Earthworm digestive system
Z 46 Earthworm excretory system
Z 47 Earthworm circulatory system
Z 48 Earthworm nervous system
Z 49 Earthworm reproductive system
Z 50 Paramoecium structure
Z 51 Paramoecium sexual and asexual cycle(Large)
Z 52 Amoeba proteus structure
Z 53 Amoeba proteus engulfing of food
Z 54 Amoeba proteus division
Z 55 Hydra general dissection
Z 56 Hydra LS
Z 57 Hydra TS
Z 58 Hydra locomotion
Z 59 Cockroach- Circulatory System
Z 60 Cockroach- Digestive System
Z 61 Cockroach- Reproductive System
Z 62 Types of Mosquito
Z 63 Silkworm-LH
Z 64 Housefly-LH
Z 65 Butterfly-LH
Z 66 Ruminating animal (sheep)-stomach
Z 67 Ruminating animal (sheep)-stomach dissected
Z 68 Fish- General dissection
Z 69 Aves- General dissection
Z 70 Insect- Genral model
Z 71 Human blood Circulatory system
Z 72 Human Digestive system
Z 73 Human Respiratory system
Z 74 Human Nervous system
Z 75 Human Skeleton
Z 76 Human Head and Neck
Z 77 Human Skin
Z 78 Human Mouth
Z 79 Human Tongue
Z 80 Human Teeth
Z 81 Human Stomach
Z 82 Human Liver
Z 83 Human Kidney
Z 84 Human Brain
Z 85 Human Heart
Z 86 Eye on stand dissectable in 7 parts
Z 87 Human Ear
Z 88 Human Male Pelvis
Z 89 Human female Pelvis
Z 90 Human Reproductive Organs (Female)
Z 91 Human Reproductive Organs (male)
Z 92 Human Lung
Z 93 Human Skull
Z 94 Human Excretory system
Z 95 Human body
Z 96 Female Pelvis with child
Z 97 Development from a single cell to Body
Z 98 Chromosomes of man and sex determination
Z 99 Epithelial Tissue I (Squamous cuboidal & Columnar)
Z 100 Skeletal Tissue
Z 101 Nervous Tissue
Z 102 Connective Tissue
Z 103 Types of Glands
Z 104 Blood cells
Z 105 Endocrine system-male
Z 106 Endocrine system-female
Z 107 Trunk with Heart

Zoology Products:

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