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Rotary Microtome
Microtome (BMT-9)
Rotary Microtome(BMT-6)

BMT-1 Crafts Hand and Table Microtome—For cutting sections of unembeded as well as embedded specimen. the specimen is usually placed between two thickness of older pith of cork. The feed screw meant for raising the specimen is graduated in microns. Complete with razor plano-concave.

BMT-2 Craft’s Freezing Microtome—Extremely useful for research laboratories and hospitals. It cuts section up to 20 microns steps of 2.5 micron. Supplied complete in wooden box.
Accessories—Freezing attachment, glass plate for fine honing, microtome knife 120 mm sharpening hone, leather strap and oil can. Complete as above.
Optional Accessories for F. Microtome—
(1) Carbon-Dioxide Cylinder for F. Microtome Capacity 9 liter.
(2) Gas Pipe for above
(3) Stage for Freezing sections

BMT-5 Craft’s Rocking Microtome—(Cambridge Type)—This instrument is of uniform quality has proved itself to be outstanding sectional device.
Salient Features
Cut section upto 20 mm.
Section thickness upto 2 microns, can be cut and ribboned.
Range of thickness sections, in step of 2 microns.
Rigid construction and easy smooth operation.
(a) One knife,
(b) Three object holders,
(c) One sharpening hone,
(d) One leather strap.

BMT-6 Craft’s Erma Japan type Rotary microtome (Close pattern) Best Indian make—Our rotary microtome is an exact copy of Erma Japan make microtome well known as the standard dependable sectioning instrument.
Salient Features— Elegant housing affords effective protection to the mechanism against dust and wax.
The feed is fully automatic independent and adjustable from 1 to 25 microns, equipped with easily reset I micron.
The efficient ball and socket clamp renders it possible to interchange specimen clamp and paraffin stage with a single motion.
The knife block is equipped with a rotating knife clamp and can be moved forward or backward.
Accessories— 3 Objectives Discs
1 Microtome knife with handle—120 mm;
1 Sharpening hone; Leather strap; Bottle of oil.

BMT-7 Transparent Acrylic cover for Rotatory Microtome

BMT-7A Thick polythene cover
BMT-8 Craft’s Large rotary microtome (open type)—Precision rotary microtome matchlessly magnificent and majestic in appearance.
Following accessories are supplied along with the microtome—
(1) High carbon steel microtome knife— One.
(2) Objective holders of different diameter— Three Nos.
(3) Hone for rough honing—One.
(4) Leather strap—One

BMT-8A Transparent Polythene cover for rotary microtome.

BMT-9 Craft’s Rotary Microtome Senior Precision (Latest) A. O. Spencer type (Revised model 820) Exclusive outstanding advancement in microtome designed on latest A. O. spencer 80 model for precision, dependability and over all superiority of performance.
Salient features—Sturdy streamlined rigid construction.
Cuts section from one microns to 50 microns in steps of one micron.
Total feed excursion 28 mm. Ball and flange type object lamp accommo-dates specimen upto 32 × 27 mm. Independent feed mechanism with automatic feed release safety device. Counter balanced drive wheel with looking device.
Knife manufactured from highest quality fine grained carbon steel.
(1) 3 Object holders
(2) 1 Knife 120 mm with Back and handle.
(3) 1 Large hone for honing.
(4) 1 Leather strap for sharp edge honing.

BMT-9A Transparent cover Acrylic for Spencer rotary microtome.

BMT-9B Thick Polythene cover

BMT-10 Craft’s Ultra Thin Rotary Micorotome section in step of 1/2 micron as well as one micron. Metal casted body, macked painted, front internal parts anti-rust coated with cover.
With all accessories & detail as BMT-9.

BTM-13 Craft’s super rotary microtome-2000 (Lipshaw Type)—Latest in the range of Microtome, High precision, heavy duty mirotome, Ideal for the Research and Pathological Laboratories. Complete with counter balancing wheel, automatic feed mechanism and feed release. Light aluminium cover hinged at back, protects the interal mechanism. Heavy casted base plate fitted with heavy rubber pads to provide better grip., Smooth operation for uniform serial sectioning adjustable from 1 to 50 microns independent of other movements. Supplied complete with one knife, having back and handle in wooden box, 6 block holders, honing plate with abrasive powder, one bottle of lubricating oil and rexine cover.
Complete as above.

BMT-14 Craft’s Cryostat (Refrigerated microtome)— Provides a rapid and easy means for the sectioning of natural tissues. In built rotary microtome, control is conveniently mounted on the panel and allows the operator to maintain any temperature between 0°C to 30°C. Control panel included thermostat, control temperature indicator, automatic timer, pilot lamp etc. Cabinet is of heavy gauge steel and inner chamber is made of thick gauge stainless steel. Supplied complete with four specimen holder, one bottle of low temperature oil and one microtome knife.

BMT-15 Craft’s Wood microtome ‘Jung’ German type—Large size, heavy precision microtome having feed range 0—30 microns in stage of 1 micron each with two object vices suitable for sectioning of wood rubber plastic and unclassified bones without knives. Complete with honing glass one bottle of micro-abrasive in liquid.
Accessories for Wood microtome—
(a) One heavy duty knife with small cutting bevel for hard tissue.
(b) One knife with large cutting bevel for less hard tissue.

BMT-16 Sledge Microtome—Jung German Type : For cutting fresh stem etc. and colloidin embedded natural cut section from 1 to 40 microns in step of 2 microns. Supplied with all accessories including one Razor

BMT-17 Automatic razor sharpener (spencer type)—A portable and very precise automatic microtome knife sharpening equipment for sharpening of all microtome knives upto 185 mm in length and equipped with automatic timer to adjust sharpening time.

(1) Universal knife holder ;
(2) Knife inspection block ;
(3) Redressing pad ;
(4) Honing plate ;
(5) Hone glass compound (250 ml. bottle)

BTM-18 Craft’s automatic knife sharpner (Arthur Thomas Type) —Glass plate 20"/21", equipped with round hard glass plate with one slide fine round and the other polish for respective sharping operations. Supplied with Universal knife holder having automatic reversing device and a Raxine Cover with one spare glass 20"/21" and course, fine grade abrasive power.

BMT-19 Craft’s Semi-automatic Machine knife sharpener Aurther Type Timer fitted—Bevel angle setting—adjustable knife holder—any length of knife holder—any length of knife sharpened. A very usefull instrument.

BMT-20 Craft’s Automatic Tissue processor—A sturdy and elegant equipment for complete automatic processing of tissues starting from dehydration upto final fixing in wax. Equipped with latest micro-switches mechanism for trouble free performance & convenience. Supplied with following accessories.

(1) Wax bath (thermostatically controlled);
(2) Stainless steel basket—1;
(3) Tissue containers—24 ;
(4) Speci- mens beakers (1 litre) with cover—10 ;
(5) Calibrated discs with 24 hour times ;
(6) Basket rotor—1;
(7) Tissue capsule stainless steel 12 Nos.

BMT-21 Micro abrasive—Most effective for sharpening of microtome knives—Set of two bottles of 250 gms each of coarse and fine abrasive.

BMT-22 Craft’s Automatic SLIDE STAINING Machine—12 stations for Zoology, Botany, pathalogy and micro-biology departments having equal immersion time. Autocut provided. (details on request)

BMT-23 Craft’s Bone dealcifier (Electric)

Biocraft’s Microtome Accessories

BMTA-1 Craft’s Knife for rotary micro-tome with handle (U. S. A. Spencer type)—Manu- factured from fine quality carbon steel and best combination of hardness and durable cutting edge, with back and handle in box. 120 mm., 140 mm, 160 mm, 180 mm

BMTA-2 Imported Rotary Microtome Knife Erama Japan or German make.

BMTA-3 Craft’s Knife for rocking micro-tome with handle.

BMTA-4 Craft’s Blade holder—For microtome section cutting suitable for section of soft material. Made of steel, non-magnetic polished bright.

BMTA-5 Craft’s Section Blade— (Imported for blade holder)

BMTA-6 Craft’s ‘L’ mould for casting paraffin block— Made of brass
Small size 37 × 25 × 15 mm

BMTA-7 -do- Large size 50 × 25 × 15 mm Rs. 72 pair

BMTA-8 Base plate for above ‘L’ mould— 55 × 29 mm

BMTA-9 Object disc—(Block holder)—For Rotary microtome, set of 3
Dia Size 37 25 20 mm

BMTA-10 Object Disc—(Block holder)—For rocking microtome

BMTA-11 Craft’s Tissue Embedding Moulds—S. S. very simple way of making blocks

BMTA-12 Craft’s Embedding Rings—Disposable plastic embedding moulds

BMTA-13 Craft’s tissue capsule stainless steel with perforation and sliding cover very helpful during the process of dehydration. 28 × 28 × 9, 20 × 20 × 10 or Circular 36 mm

BMTA-14 Sharpening Leather Strap—For proper and sharp edging of the knife

BMTA-15 Ground Glass plate—Mounted on wooden frame for fine honing.

BMTA-16 Craft’s Sharpening Hones—Made of specially selected uniform ingredient to provide convenient, rapid and satisfactory sharpening.
6" × 2" — 52 8" × 2"

BMTA-17 Craft’s Hone Special—(Made of fine grains)— Imported Size 10" × 2.5"

BMTA-18 Craft’s Hone Special—Size 12" × 2.5"

BMTA-19 Diamond Point Glass Marking Pencil

BMTA-20 Soft (Coloured) Glass Marking Pencil (Per dozen)

BMTA-21 Brass Spreading Table—With three legs (Heavy type) For spreading microtomes sections on slides.

BMTA-22 Slide Ringing Table—A turn table for slide ringing Attractive finish, smooth running with ball bearing

BMTA-23 Superior with New Ball bearing

BMTA-24 Slide Ringing Solution—Black or transparent per 50 ml.
BMTA-25 Microtomy Wooden Staining Rack—16 holes in two rows for keeping 4" × 1½'’ specimen tubes

BMTA-26 Craft’s Staining Assembly—with hanger

BMTA-27 Staining Square Bar—35 × 65 cm with stand

BMTA-28 Staining Rack—with Tilting Arrangement for removing extra stain solution without disturbing the slide lay titling. Complete with tray made out of Aluminium sheet. As per German pattern

BMTA-29 Slide Tray Aluminium (Double purpose)—Useful for staining slides in flat position or drying freshly prepared slides in vertical position.

BMTA-30 Tissue Wax Block Box—Made best wood with 72 compartments to store 10/12 blocks in each hole.

BMTA-31 Craft’s Slide Warming lable (Electrical) with heat controlled switches

We offer a dependable service for sharpening and reconditioning of microtome knife by modern automatic sharpening machine. Sharpening and Reconditioning Charge

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