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Digital pH meter
Photo colorimeter
Digital pH Meter (CEI-3)
Photo Colorimeter (CEI-6)
Digital Spectrophotometer
Digital Conductivity meter
Digital Spectrophotometer (CEI-17)
Digital Conductivity Meter (CEI-14)

Craft’s Electronic Test and Measurement Instruments
Economical but Tested, Guaranteed Best Equipments

CEI-1 ‘Craft’s Digital Ph Meter Complete with combined Electrode, Buffer solution stand and working mannual. Range 0-14 pH with auto temperature compensation 3.5 digital led display

CEI-2 ‘Craft’s Pocket pen type PH meter no need of electrode. INSTANT READING IMPORTED

CEI-3 Craft’s MicroProcessor Bases pH Meter—with Alphanumeric LCD display showing pH, mV, Temp. having auto temperature compensation, auto buffer recognition with all accessories and manual

CEI-4 Craft Photoelectric colorimeter with 5 filters supplied with accessories, working mannual.

CEI-5 ‘Craft’ Digital Photoelectric Colorimeter Complete with 5 filters E.I./N.E.

CEI-6 ‘Craft’ Digital Photoelectric Calorimeter with 8 filters E.I./N.E.
CEI-7 Craft Lux meter for photometric measurements. Complete with standard accesories

Digital Lux Meter—0—50,000 Lux IMPORTED

CEI-8 Craft LUX meter 0-2 lacs LUX
CEI-9 Craft Turbiditimeter/Nephlometer

A Digital Range upto 1,000 NTU/JTU
B Analog Range upto 100 NTU

CEI-10 Craft Digital T.D.S. meter (Total DISSOLVED solids)

CEI-11 Craft Potentiometer with standard cell and standard Battery

CEI-12 ‘Craft’ Digital Temperature indicator Mains operated

CEI-13 ‘Craft’ Lab. Conductivity meter 10U mho to 1000 mho

CEI-14 ‘Craft’ Digital Conductivity meter

CEI-15 Dissolved oxygen Meter (Digital) with accessories

CEI-16 Glucometer Electronic digital will accessories and Mannual

CEI-17 Digital Spectrophotometer Range 340 to 960 nM with Facility For Automatic concentrration % Transmission and 0.D measurement, Wavelength Resolution 5 nM 31/2 digit LED Display with test tubes.

CEI-18 Auto Karl Fischer Titrimeter with Separate control and Stirrer unit, automatic burette, dual platinum electrode & accessories.

CEI-19 Craft’s Digital Salinity Meter with Salinity Cell & Accessories.

CEI-20 Digital Flame photometer with filters (Na and K) 31/2 digitled display along with compressor and other accessories.

CEI-20A –do– with double display

CEI-21 Craft Digital Lab System Analyser—Micro-controlled based with LCD display. Range 400-700 nM. Important feature is that it can be run in two different modes, i.e., STD Modes (standard solution has to be fed every time) and Non STD mode. Complete with all accessories and mannual

CEI-22 Craft’s Digital Moisture Meter—It is Micro controlled and gives instant moisture percentage/Temp. range 8 to 40%, accuracy ±0.2% complete with accessories and mannual

CEI-23 Digital Haemoglobinometer—Microcontrolled based square cuvette STD and non STD model sample size 1 ml

CEI-24 Digital grain moisture meter

CEI-25 Soil moisture meter

CEI-26 Digital Pyrogen test thermometer

CEI-27 Multimeter sanwa model P-3 model

CEI-28 Digital multimeter model DT-830

CEI-29 Digital Multimeter meter M-3900

CEI-30 Digital seed counter—Ag10

CEI-31 Digital metr for soil—Ag8


CEI-35 Pocket PH meter 0-14 pH/0.2 pH
CEI-36 T.D.S. Tester 10-1990 PPM Digital
CEI-37 T.D.S. Tester-100-10,000 PPM Dgital
CEI-38 Conductivity Tester Digital 10-1990 US
CEI-39 Conductivity Tester Digital 100-19,900 uS
CEI-40 Salinity Tester Digital 0.00-1.00 P NaCl
CEI-41 O.R.P. Tester Digital 999 mV
CEI-42 Temperature Tester Digital-40 C to + 550°C
CEI-43 Soil pH and Moisture Meter Take Mura Japan
CEI-44 Digital Sound Level Meter Imported Range 3 to 130 dB
CEI-45 Grain Moisture meter LSKC-608

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